Route Manager

This application was designed for a company who provides transport services to various organisations including various Schools, Local Borough Council and Care Centres.
The major functionality’s includes Manger's Reports, Wage Slips, Invoices and Outlook style Daily/Monthly overview.
It consists of five main sections. Staff, Contract, Payment, Vehicle and Manager.  Staff section keeps track about all the details related to staff.  The Contract section is used to enter new contract details to the system.  Information from this section is used to calculate payment, reports and staff scheduling.  Vehicle section keep track of each individual vehicle and its details such as service history, driver , car licence details, mileage, fuel consumption and other vehicle details.
The system has the ability to warn the management indicating certain tasks that needs to be performed on a daily basics, such as :
  • Vehicle License Expiration
  • MOT Expiration
  • Contract Renewal
  • Staff Allocation problem
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