The system was designed for The Environment Council, an independent charitable organisation.  The system was built to replace their existing system which was unable to handle the load.
The system is very complex and consisted of around 30 thousand lines of code. The system was designed after intensive user survey and consultation with the management.
Implementation was carried out using Visual Basic and MS SQL Server as a back-end database server. The system is optimised to be able to work efficiently with a large number of concurrent usage.  The system was built using SSADM methodology and 'Client Server' architecture.
It deals with all aspect of the organisation starting from :
  • Employee management
  • Payment, Invoicing, Sales Ordering, Purchase Order etc
  • Accounting
  • Customer Management
  • Event Management
  • Advanced Security & Monitoring System
  • Full Error Logging
  • Automated Error Reporting
  • Mail Merging
  • Printing
  • and many more features
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