This page includes some of my development work carried out during my  'Free Lance' contractor and on my spare time. Some Software/Application are available for downloads for personal and educational use.  Any use of my Software/Application for commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. 

All software listed here can be customised for any Business or Organisation.  If you would like to purchase any of the software listed below please contact me here.

TecBase Pizza Manager Route Manager Interceptor
SMS Manager Project Analyser DB2Class Adv. Find & Replace
Web Application
Online Multiple Choice Questioner Test Application

Coming Soon

Host your website in from your own PC with Dynamic IP

Coming Soon

Forum MCQ Application Domain Manager  
Others (Scripts/Utilities)
Online SQL Query Builder This script can be used to execute any standard SQL query and display the results.  It can also be used to view/modify/delete Database Tables/Columns etc. 
IIS Log Viewer (ASP) Coming Soon ....
Directory Browser (ASP) Coming Soon ....
Scan Dir (ASP) Coming Soon ....
Counter Coming Soon ....
Guestbook Coming Soon ....